Caring for the pothos plant after propagation

Pothos plant care. How to care for your pathos plant?

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Pothos plant is considered by many to be a great way to get started caring for houseplants. Because pothos care is easy and undemanding, this lovely plant is an easy way to add some green in your home without too much money. In fact, after having experience caring for some pathos plant, you can have unlimited free beautiful plants to place in every corner of your house.

When it comes to caring for pathos, it can thrive in areas that don’t get a lot of sunlight or have only fluorescent lighting. It’s an excellent plant for locations such as offices and dorm rooms. It doesn’t require special watering or fertilize technique so it’s super easy to care for your plant

The following guides will teach you how to care for your pothos

Different ways to grow pothos

Growing pothos in soil vs growing in water

Pothos is such an easygoing plant that you can grow it anywhere and grow in any condition. You can grow pothos in containers or can grow it in water hydroponically.

Pothos twining vs trailing

And with regards to appearance, pothos does not automatically twine onto your containers but it grows fast and easy to train. You can train it and manually twin it to the pole or the hanger to give it the illusion of tree twinning/climbing.

💡People also leave hang pothos vine and let it trailed naturally so it can give shade to spots that have a lot of sunlight.

Trailing pothos
Pothos trails naturally
Use a pole to make pothos twine on
different-varieties-of-pothos-in-a-pothos-arrangementUse a pole to make pothos twine on

Pothos grow alone vs in combination with other plants

Normally people tend to grow pothos alone in their cute little containers and put it around the house. That’s wonderful and pothos can live together with other plants as well. It provides textures and shade of green to your arrangement.

Since pothos can grow pretty fast, putting it together with other plants will reduce the speed of growth and require less pruning as well

💡Pothos likes shade with medium humidity, so putting it with other plants is also good for your pothos. You can put it in your evergreen arrangement, or use it a place filler for your bigger, taller houseplant

Different varieties of pothos in a pothos arrangement
Different varieties of pothos in a pothos arrangement
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Pathos plant care expectation: How fast does pathos plant grows

Provided enough soil air circulation, water, fertilizer and light, humidity, one vine of pathos plant planting in a container might grow up to 20 to 40 feet high and 3 to 6 feet wide in ideal conditions. Pathos can grow as fast as a couple of feet a year.

💡Pothos vines live five to 10 years on average, depending on their environment and any life-shortening bacteria, fungi or insects.

Pothos plant can grow up to a couple of feet each year
Pathos can grow as fast as a couple of feet a year

Pathos plant benefit: Do pathos clean air and where to put pathos plant?

The pathos plant is one of the most effective air purifiers. It helps to remove odor, clean the air, purify the indoor air of chemicals such as formaldehyde, trichloroethene, toluene, xylene, and benzene. You can put your plant anywhere in the house. But for the most effective place are in the bathroom, near computers or working spaces, in the kitchen, neer the fridges and in the newly painted room

How to grow a healthy pothos? Pothos plant care guide

⛅️Light requirements for pothos: Do pathos need much sunlight?

Pothos can be grown in shade, partial shade, filtered sunlight. The bathroom, on your bookshelf, or kitchens are several great spots for you to put your pothos. Pothos plant loves bright light but prefers indirect sunlight.

💡Tips: when to know if your pothos is getting too much sunlight / not enough sunlight? Variegated pothos can turn into green leaves if it doesn’t get enough sunlight which you can tell just by looking at your pothos. Paler / Yellower looking pothos means the plant gets too much sunlight and might want to move it to someplace with less hour of shining

🏔Soil care for growing a beautiful pothos plant

Pothos is a very easy kind of plant. It loves ordinary, well-draining soils with medium to slightly acidic pH. You can mix in some small rocks, cut straw into your soil to make it even richer in oxygen. The more oxygen you can deliver to the root of pothos, the more it will thrive.

💡Tips: Terracotta works relly well with pothos, it gives a classic feeling and good for the tree, it allows oxygen to mix into the soil even more and easy to drain

💦 Water care for your pothos plant

When you decide to grow pothos in soil, remember to let the soil dry out completely between waterings. The plant should not be left in damp soil for a long time, it will rot the plant root and give rise to a lot of bugs and diseases. Remember, pothos plant can survive dry soil better than damping soil

💡Tips: How to know if your pothos plant is getting too much water or too little water? If your pothos plant suddenly collapses and seems to be dry-out and the soil is still wet, most likely your plant is getting too much water. At this point, the root has already get rotten and cannot carry nutrition to the leaves. If your plant leaves turn yellow, or droopy, losing leaf or have leaves with brown edges you can know for sure that the plant is asking for water. Normally, after caring for houseplant for a while, you can know how much water is in there just by listening to the sound when hitting the pot, or you can put a stick into the ground for 1 minute and pull it up.

Temperature and humidity requirements for pothos plant

Pothos should be fine at room temperature, from between 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (20C to 30C). This plant love humidity, but tolerant and thrive in places with low humidity (but the leaves will not shiny and as big as in a place with high humidity). The ideal place is in the bathroom, it can help reduce the humidity in your bathroom as well.

💡You can use a sprayer to give additional humidity to the plant once in a while and make the leaves look shinier

Fertilizer for pothos plant

Pothos does not require special fertilizing. Just your normal fertilizer will be fine. But it will thrive beautifully if you have bi-monthly or monthly fertilized it with a houseplant fertilizer. You can balance between fast and slow fertilizer. The organic, slow absorbing fertilizer can be mixed in the soil when planting or repotting, and you can give it some doses of quickly absorbing fertilizer once in a while to give it a boost. Pothos loves NPK fertilizer

💡Tips: There are some types of fertilizer that can be absorbed via the leaves of pothos plant, you can spray additionally once every week

Potting and Repotting pothos plant

Eventually, the root will be bound by your pothos plant Repotting is very simple, simply remove the tree from the old pot and bump the tree a new size

Pruning your pothos plant: How to prune pothos plant to make it looks fuller

You should prune the plant once the vines grow too long. Keep the stem short to make it look fuller. You can cut back to the soil level, it will grow new stem from the cut. Remember to disinfect your tools before and after pruning the plant

Propagating pothos from cuttings in water

Pothos plant propagation is very simple. After pruning the plant, you can take the leftover stem and cutting it up to get a new plant. Pothos can be rooted in water or soil. Read more at How to propagate pothos plant for free from cuttings in water with pictures

Other facts about pothos

Varieties of pothos. Do I need to provide different care for other types of pothos?

There are many types of pothos with different leave color and texture, but essentially, it’s the same when caring for other types of pathos

  • Marble pathos
  • Vegetated pathos
  • Neon pathos
  • Golden pathos

Toxicity: Is pothos toxic?

Both leaves, body, and fluid of the plant contain toxicity. Please keep it away from your pets and children


Pathos is such a lovely and easy houseplant for beginners. It doesn’t require much care and there are so many varieties of pathos for you to choose from and to collect. It helps clean the air and propagation is as well. With those wonderful traits and the tips and tricks above on how to care for your pathos plant, you can be confident with your pathos care

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