Peace lily plants are easy to grow, produce showy, spoon-shaped flowers, and tolerate low light and average humidity

Peace Lily root rot disease and How to fix

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Peace lily root rot is the most common disease

Peace lily plants are easy to grow and produce showy beautiful flowers. They are tough and resilient but susceptible to a few pests and diseases. Peace lily root rot is the most common one. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to fix if you take the correct action right away

What does root rot look like on Peace Lily plants?

Since Peace lily root is buried under soil, it’s hard to tell from the first glance if your Peace lily plant’s root is rotting away. There are two ways you can tell

  • Examine the plant
  • Examine the root

When looking at the plant, there are visible signs that telling you the plant is suffering:

  • Your peace lily plant looks droopy and yellow, wilting. This is because most of the root is rotted and the plant cannot get enough water and nutrition to the leaves
  • The soil is moist. One sign is that the leaves are still drooping even after you water the plant
Peace lily drooping even after watering
Peace lily drooping even after watering

If you see these signs you can carefully remove the peace lily plant from the soil and examine the root:

  • The root is squishy, looks small, unhealthy and black
  • Parts of the root is falling off when you touch it

With these signs, you now can be sure that your peace lily plant has root rot disease.

Rotting peace lily root
Rotting peace lily root
Healthy Peace lily root
Healthy Peace lily root

What cause root rot on Peace lily plant

There are many reasons that can lead to your Peace lily plant’s root rotting. But most possible causes are: overwatering and/or fungus

Over watered can cause peace lily roots to rot

One common mistake that house plant beginners have is watering their plants too much, and/or the containers don’t have a drainage hole. Thus leaving the root to sit on water too long

  • Water prevents the root from getting oxygen from the air and thus killing it off
  • Create a perfect environment for fungus and bugs to thrive causing all kinds of disease and problems with the plant

Root rot on Peace lily plant caused by fungus

Some times, the fungus can be transferred to your peace lily plant via infected soil or water. If your peace lily plant is weak and stressful. It will not be able to withstand the fungi. The reason for your plant to be stressful is numerous: overwatered, over-fertilized or the room is too hot, the humidity is too low. Even putting the plant constantly under air conditional can be a common cause for unhappy Peace lily

Treating Root rotting Peace Lily

The rule of thumb is you need to be quick and decisive when treating your Peace lily plant. The good news is that it’s not too complicated. If doing it correctly, your plant can bounce back good as new after several weeks and can grow new flowers. There are 3 essential steps to treat Peace Lily root rotting:

  • Remove the infected root part
  • Repotting correctly
  • Take good care after repotting the plant

Step 1 – Remove the rotting parts of the root

Remove the plant from the soil and remove the infected parts as soon as possible:

  • Remove the plant from the soil and remove exceed dirt on the root by washing it through by using clean running water. Do not use water that has chloride
  • Cut all the affected rotting roots of the peace lily plant by using a clean pair of scissors
  • Dip the root in fungus killer solution if possible

Step 2 – Repotting the plant

Repotting the plant using clean soil and clean container

  • The soil should be clean and dry. You should put the soil in direct sunlight for several days to dry if possible to kill all the
  • The container must have drainage holes in the bottom through which excess water can escape. It’s best to use a terra-cotta container because it dries quickly and improves air circulation.

Tips: You can grow the peace lily plant in clean water hydroponically for several weeks for the root to heal before putting it back into a container

Step 3 – Caring for Peace Lily after repotting

It’s crucial to take extra steps to care for your Peace Lily after the “surgery”. Besides the normal Peace Lily care below are some tips to make it easier for your plant to recover:

  • Do not overwater your peace lily plant. You should leave the soil to dry between watering
  • Do not fertilize your Peace Lily plant right away to reduce the stress of the plant
  • Discard the old soil and clean the old container, leave it in sunlight for several days if you want to reuse for other plants

Hopefully, after you follow the steps above, your Peace lily when recovering from the root rotting disease and rewards your hard work with shiny leaves and beautiful flowers.

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